Contactless Menus

Are Here via QR Codes

Create a safe dining experience for your guests by providing a contactless menu.
We can show you how.

QR Menu Pricing starting at $99

Stop printing your menus,

save money &

the environment!

Easy to use

Scan with any smart device’s camera

& instantly view your menu!

Provide extra layer of

safety for your patrons with

one less touch.

Check Out Some Of Our Client’s Menus

Whether you have an existing website with a menu, or you have PDF menus, we can get you digitized and online.

With QR Menus you can have instant updates to your menus when product goes 86, price changes, or is re-added/changed.

We can customize the look and feel of your menu to fit your brand identity and even include images.

Let's get your restaurant ready for the next phase!

QR Menu Pricing from $99 - $299

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